Oct 102011

Here you can find and download issues of TEHNIUM magazines and almanacs (click right and SAVE AS). If you wish to consult them online, all pages will open in a new window or tab according to the browser you are using.

All files are available only in Romanian, as they are not translated.


All the files were taken at hand in january 2010 in order to:

– diminish file sizes (some magazines went up to 80MB);

– allow for text search (all pages were OCR-ised).

I hope you will find more quickly some articles and schematics.

Tehnium International collection was published separately to avoid interferences and confusions.

The download speed limit was limited to ~3Mbps because the demand is higher and higher. Please be patient with downloads, finally you will download everything you need.

This collection is always prone to modifications, consisting in error elimination (huge number of files, tiredness, etc), new issues, modifications of existing files with other of a better quality, etc. This is the reason why the last page update is listed below.

Last page update: 04.09.2011

Should you wish to contribute to the effort of bringing Tehnium magazine collection online, as well as for other magazine that will follow, you can donate:


1981 :

01 – 1981
02 – 1981
03 – 1981
04 – 1981
05 – 1981
06 – 1981
07 – 1981
08 – 1981
09 – 1981
10 – 1981
11 – 1981
12 – 1981

  4 Responses to “Colectia revistei Tehnium anul 1981”

  1. FELICITARI ! pentru realizarea acestei pagini. Nu am cuvinte ca sa va pot multumi pentru aceasta colectie de AUR. Inca o data FELICITARI.
    Cu sima si consideratie, E. Chirila.

  2. Un efort admirabil, ptr care meritati toata lauda si stima, odata ca multumirile mele. Revista Tehnium ramane inca o comoara pe care nu merita sa o pierdem, macar noi cei din vechea garda de constructori amatori, din vremurile in care ne foloseam neuronii si la altceva decat la frecat cu degetele ecranul tactil al tabletelor si telefoanelor mobile.
    Cu deosebita stima.

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